What is the Difference of the Cassette System in Construction Networks?

Construction safety nets are an important safety tool used on construction sites to protect workers against the risk of falling. The cassette system is also a popular option among construction safety nets. In this article, we will give a detailed explanation about the cassette system.

The cassette system is a system that combines the crossed wires of the network with thin wire cassettes. These cassettes are fixed between the wires of the network, making the network stronger and more durable. Therefore, cassette systems are a preferred option in higher risk construction projects.

The cassette system provides greater durability than other construction safety net systems. Therefore, it offers stronger protection against workers falling. Additionally, thanks to the cassette system, walking on the net is easier and safer.

Since cassette systems have a more complex structure compared to other systems, their installation and disassembly may take longer. However, once installed, it provides strong and durable protection as a construction safety net.

Cassette systems can be customized to fit different network sizes. Therefore, scale networks suitable for different construction projects can be provided. Additionally, since cassette systems have more ports than other systems, they provide greater security.

As a result, the cassette system is a popular option among construction safety nets. Offering greater durability, stronger protection and customizable dimensions are some of the reasons why it is preferred for construction work. However, installation and removal may take longer than other systems. The choice of construction safety net should be based on the characteristics of the construction project, and the cassette system is the preferred option in higher risk construction projects.