Rental Vehicle Crane Service

Rental Vehicle Crane Service

We provide rental services and technical support services with our Kombassan Acar brand cranes. Sectors we serve; hiyap can be listed as machinery assembly and transportation, construction services, electricity, energy, infrastructure and superstructure services, industrial zone services, advertising, organization services, container transportation and unloading, electric pole erecting crane and machinery transportation, assembly, disassembly, cleaning works.

You can make your crane rental hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. With the crane you rent, you can work more precisely thanks to the professional crane operator.


Vehicle crane features

Number of Crimea : 2
Capacity : 35 Tons
Length : 42 m
Brand : Kombassan Acar
Model : 115TM 2KÇ - 664
Departure angle : 82 Degree
Cart status : With basket
1.Crimean Features : 6 hydraulic telescopic booms, 2 mechanical booms
2.Crimean Features : 4 hydraulic telescopic booms, 3 mechanical booms
Return : Worm rotation feature with ring, geared hydromotor rotator