Construction Safety Fall Arrest Systems

Construction safety net fall arrest safety systems are of 2 types. One of them is "Cassette System Security Net System" and the second one is "Conventional System Security Net".

Cassette System Safety Net System

The safety net console is also mounted. It has 10x10 mesh, high strength TSE certified 6.00mm rope thickness and 10.00mm perimeter rope. Console legs can be opened and closed. The net remains 6 meters by 4 meters on the exterior. The mobility of the feet provides ease of use according to the dimensions of the place to be used. Our network has been tested from a height of 10 meters with a load of 200 kilos, as you can watch on our website.

Conventional System Safety Net

This system is anchored inside the building with specially manufactured hinges and pipes. The safety net is tied at the end of the pipe by passing a high-strength polyester rope. The other end of the net is attached to the ground by anchoring the bolt ear.