Facade Security Net

Facade Closing Net, also known as Facade Closing Net, is a Facade Closing Net used to prevent material from falling from the scaffolds installed in buildings under construction and / or exterior repair, as well as to prevent visual pollution when viewed from the outside.

This safety net is resistant to abrasion, wear and weather conditions thanks to its durable structure and high strength. In addition, thanks to its lightweight structure, it can be easily transported and installed quickly.

Facade Closure Safety Net is the perfect solution for construction companies, contractors and property owners. It offers a reliable option to ensure the safety of those working and travelling around in construction projects.

If you work in the construction field or are a project manager, you will find that the Facade Closure Safety Net is an excellent choice. Its high quality materials and durable construction make it ideal for long-term use. It is also easy to transport with your other equipment and tools on the construction site.

Facade Security Net
Facade Security Net
Construction Safety Net Solutions

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Safety and Durability in Construction

The first choice of those looking for safety and durability, the Facade Closure Safety Net has all the features you need to provide a safe working environment on construction sites. Order now and ensure safety in your construction project!

Safety and Durability in Construction
Construction Safety Net
Construction Safety Net
Construction Safety Net

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Construction Safety Net
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As Yeniçağ Construction Security Systems, we are proud to have years of experience in construction security networks. The products we offer are fully certified, and the projects we carry out on occupational safety issues are proof of the quality and assurance we provide to our customers.

We aim to offer the most appropriate solutions to needs, always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. With our quality products and superior service approach, we aim to make a difference in every project and meet our customers' expectations at the highest level.

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