Construction Fall Stop System

Tower Crane Compatible and Fixed Cassette Systems
Our tower crane compatible adjustable cassette system is disassembled and consists of 10 parts. High strength, TSE and ISO certified polyester rope is used. The cantilever legs are movable and can vary between 3-4 metres in length. Our fixed cassette system consists of 6 pieces and has a fixed length of 3 metres. In both systems, the net measures 6 metres x 4 metres in the outer pocket. The movable legs provide flexibility according to the dimensions of the area to be used.

Fall Arrest and Tubular Systems
The tubular system is anchored into the building with special hinges and pipes and the net is connected with high-strength polyester rope or steel rope. Various systems such as tower crane compatible cassette systems are used in fall arrest systems. Rewinding fall arrest systems are designed for worker safety, especially in high operations. These systems prevent potential accidents by locking in instantaneous loss of balance with automatic locking mechanism.

Construction Fall Stop System
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