Pool Net

Pool nets, also known as Pool mesh, are safety products used to protect people and pets that may fall into the pool from the pool edge when swimming pools are not in use. It is made of high strength materials and stretched on the pool surface. The net is fixed to the pool deck using hooks or other attachments.


High strength: It is produced from high strength materials to prevent falling into the pool from the pool edge.
Flexibility: Flexible enough to stretch tightly to the pool edge.
Durability: Resistant to UV rays, weather conditions and chemicals.
Visibility: Pool nets are transparent enough not to obstruct the field of vision in the pool.


It helps to prevent drowning accidents by preventing falling into the pool from the edge of the pool for small children and pets. Pool nets facilitate cleaning by catching leaves, grass and other debris falling into the pool. It is an economically low-cost safety solution that is easy to use and easy to install.


Prices of pool nets vary according to the size, material and quality of the net. You can contact for detailed information.

Pool Net
Pool Net
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Closing Net
Closing Net

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Closing Net
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