Container Net

Container Net, also known as Truck Net, is a safety net used to prevent shaking and damage to materials during transport.

Container Net also helps to protect the contents of containers. It helps to prevent occupational accidents by preventing containers from slipping and tipping during loading, unloading and transport.

Container Partition Net is a type of container net used to separate different materials from each other in the interior of containers. In cases where there are loads of different sizes and shapes inside the container, these loads can be separated with a partition net by leaving a gap between them. In this way, the risk of mixing and tipping of materials is reduced.

Container Net, which is widely used in the transport sector, increases the safety of the content of its loads and the efficiency of transport.

Container Net
Container Net
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Container Net Features

Container Network Types

Container net is produced in different sizes and shapes. When choosing a container net, it should be chosen according to the type and size of the container in which it will be used.

Material Types: Polyester thread or UV added (sun resistant) polyamide thread

Product Size: 245 x245 cm (There are 4 hanging hooks on the 4 corners of the product.)

Thread Thickness and Eye Spacing:

2 mm rope thickness and 2x2 cm mesh size

4 mm rope thickness / 5x5 cm eye spacing,

6 mm rope thickness / 10x10 cm mesh size

You can contact us for products of different sizes and materials.

Container Network Types

Container Net Prices

Container net prices vary depending on various factors. These factors are based on container size and material used. Here are some factors and details that affect container net prices:

Material Quality: Container nets can be made from different quality materials. Nets that use more durable and long-lasting materials generally come with higher prices. Quality materials increase the durability of the file and ensure long-term use.

Size: Container sizes have a big impact on their prices. Larger nets require more material and can therefore be more expensive. When determining the size of the net, you should consider your needs and intended use.

Design and Features: The design and additional features of container networks can also affect prices. For example, special design or additional storage compartments may result in additional costs.

Container Net Prices
Closing Net
Closing Net
Closing Net

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